Q: What is the procedure to split a game package?

1. For Android platform, you only need to send us the APK package of your game, and then we can split it into a small one by our engineers, which normally takes three working days and does not need you do anything. When you received the small package, you only need resign the package with your signature and which then can be uploaded to Google Play or other distribute channels.

2. For iOS platform, you need integrate an sdk into your game and give us the IPA package, which will then be split into a small one by our engineers in three days.

Q:How to use the hot update service?

A:1.You need to integrate the hot update SDK into your package, and we will also provide a PC tool for you to integrate it automatically, and this tool can also help you check if the SDK has be integrated correctly.

2.When you want to update a new version, you upload the APK of this new version to your administrative website we provide to you, select the update options and then click “OnLine”, Then the APP which is already installed on user’s devices will update to this new version automatically in WIFI connection. When users launch your APP next time, they will enter the new version right away. A user will receive a tip of update if his/her device has not accessed Wi-Fi before.

Q:What does the size of package depends on?

A:First of all, we will make sure the small package has the same user experience as the whole package, and with this restriction, our engineers will try our best to make the package as small as possible. Commonly, we can split a package into a small one whose size is less than 1/3 of the original size (or smaller), but it depends on different games. For instance, some games over 300MB can be split to 50MB. Before releasing the small package to you, our Q/A department will first check the quality of the small package to make sure it has the same quality and user experience as the original one even the network condition is just 100KB/S (0.1MB/s).

Q:Is the service safe?

A: We ensure that we definitely do not disclose any information of our clients to third parties, and the game package will only be kept by our engineers involved in your project. We have cooperated with thousands of companies, from startups to big ones which already IPO, and none of their products’ information has ever been leaked.

Q:What kinds of info will the SDK read?

A:The SDK reads only the necessary information to complete the hot update work, which includes: game version code, package name, system version code, phone type, IMEI, etc., and some of them can also be removed if the related update feature is not required. For instance, if you do not need phone type specified update, we can then remove it from the reading list.

If you have any question, please contact us!